1. Where can I find the WORD LIST for NASCC?

Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an email with a verification code. Please enter your verification code and download WORD LIST in PDF format.

2. Can I enroll if I have never participated in Spelling Bee?

Yes. All students in grades 1–8 can enroll in NASCC.

3. When is the deadline for enrollment?

The deadline for enrollment is June 20th,2020.

4. How much does it cost to participate in the competition but not the camp?

The registration fee of competition is $60. 

Enroll by Mar.15 & save10%.

5. What are the benefits for spellers that have won or been a finalist of any spelling competitions?

NASCC will give financial aids to qualified top spellers wanting to participate in the competition and afford dedicated registration channels. For detailed information and registration information, please see 2020 NASCC INFORMATION.

6 What is the difference between NASCC and Scripps National Spelling Bee?

NASCC is an international intercontinental spellingcompetition in which many top spellers and coaches from Scripps national spelling bee and other countries and regions will come to participate every July.

7. How do spellers outside North America register for NASCC?

For spellers outside the U.S, please contact with the local organizing committees. (For detailed information, see CONTACT US).For example, Contestants from China can contact NASCC authorized official organization SPBCN(Spelling Bee of China).

8. What are the benefits for spellers that participate and win in NASCC ?

Firstly, They will have the opportunity to interact and compete with top spellers from different countries around the world,which will deepen their global exchanges and cultural understanding of global youth education. 

Secondly, They will have the opportunity to the prizes with a total award of $10,000.

Finally, They will have the opportunity to come to tudy, compete and travel in China with major committee members. They can also participate in GCICC(Global Champions Spelling Competition of China) for free.